Webinar on the Vital Importance of Local Advertising in Tough Times

Why Restaurants, Small Businesses Need to Get a Positive Message Out to Loyal Customers

Targetable, the fast-growing ad tech platform for the restaurant industry and small businesses, will host a free video webinar on Thursday, March 19 to discuss the best practices for customer retention and acquisition in the current business environment, including the importance of smart, proactive local messaging to address concerns connected to the spread coronavirus.

The 45-minute webinar, featuring Targetable CEO Vlad Edelman and Michael Moran, CEO of the global risk consultancy Transformative, will take place at 11AM Pacific Time (2PM Eastern / 1800 GMT) on Thursday, March 19. A question and answer period of 15 minutes will follow. Registration is free on Targetable’s website (www.targetable.com/webinar), with the first 100 registered participants receiving a matching $100 credit from Targetable for their first ad campaign.

“Clients have been asking us how they should adjust to the new environment, and they’re smart enough to know this is not a matter of business as usual,” says Edelman, who’s San Diego-based startup has quickly become a major force in the ad tech and restaurant marketing industries. “Reaching your loyal customer base with the right message in times like these is essential and helps lay the foundation for growth once the crisis has passed.”

The webinar will include advice on messaging during crises, advertising strategies to instill loyalty and trust in existing customers, best practice in small business reactions to the COVID-19 outbreak.

San Diego-based Targetable is a leading digital marketing platform for restaurants and other small businesses eager to build their customer base and brands within defined geographies. Targetable’s platform blends Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) and decades of marketing experience to create social media advertising campaigns that match clients marketing goals within targeted geographies.

The Targetable platform gets smarter over time as it assesses the desires and behaviors of your ideal new customer. CEO and Founder Edelman has two decades of media and advertising experience and is viewed as an innovator in the ad tech industry.

Denver-based Transformative provides advice and forecasts on risk, content strategy and marketing trends to Fortune 500 companies. CEO Moran, an author and frequent presence on CNN and CNBC, has won numerous awards and lectured around the world.

Source: HP-PR

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