Research Chefs Association Announces Alliance with Texas Woman’s University to Offer Culinology® Degree Program

The Research Chefs Association (RCA) has announced the designation of  Texas Woman’s University (TWU) as the first approved Culinology® program in Texas to offer students the opportunity to earn a Bachelor of Applied Sciences degree in Culinary Science and Food Service Management.  Community college students with an Associate of Applied Sciences degree in Culinary Arts are automatically accepted into this TWU program.

In 2002, the RCA introduced this novel concept to the food product development community: a unified academic experience combining both culinary arts and food science training, giving students the opportunity to combine their knowledge and skill set to apply the Culinology® discipline — a blending of both fields.

Through RCA-approved undergraduate degree programs in the United States and Asia, students learn how closely the two components interconnect. These programs offer a well-rounded, interdisciplinary curriculum that focuses on culinary arts and food science, and also incorporates other elements of food product development, such as business management, nutrition, processing technology, and government regulations, to name a few.

“The addition of TWU’s new Culinology® degree program is a huge win for the food research and development industry, who tell us that having a trained Culinology® professional on staff improves team efficiency and enhances product quality and increases new product speed to market,” said Allison Rittman, CRC®, RCA Education Committee co-chair and corporate chef/owner of Culinary Culture. “The RCA is proud to partner with TWU’s Culinary Science and Food Service Management program, and we look forward to engaging their students as they complete their degrees and then welcoming them as professionals in the food industry.”

Shane Broughton, chair of TWU’s Department of Nutrition and Food Sciences Department, added, “We are thrilled to be accepted by the RCA for this special program that enables students to pursue two certifications:  Certified Research Chef® and Certified Culinary Scientist®.”

The RCA offers the number one program for certifying the knowledge, skills and experience of Culinology® professionals:  Certified Research Chefs (CRC®) and Certified Culinary Scientists (CCS®) who provide the food industry with today’s most valuable, sought after product developers that excel in the practice of Culinology® – the blending of culinary arts and food science. RCA certified professionals are preferred by many employers because they guide innovation in this dynamic industry, offering unique credentials and powerful, value-added skills that truly Create the Future of Food.

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